Refurbishments & House Extensions

Best quality house extensions and refurbishment in London

If your residential property needs modernization, J&B building can help you. With great reputation for providing quality services, we can turn a run-down property into a functional and modern space to suit your needs. We offer full refurbishment services and house extensions for your home!

As with new builds, we will discuss best options with you and guide you through all refurbishment process. It is very important in old buildings to get any refurbishments in order to keep up with the style of the existing structure.

Today many people opt for a combination of old features and modern living spaces, to ensure that the building evolves naturally,and satisfies your needs.

Wanting to add a house extension to your home is a good idea.This will give you more space to move around your home, and also increase the value, if you want to sell or rent it in the future.

Depending on the size of house extension, the time and cost will vary. If you opt for a single storey extension, it will be easier, less costly than a double storey extension for example.

But, double storey extensions give you more space, and it’s cheaper to build than you think, but it’s totally up to you what solution you need.

J&B Building will give you the best advice and high quality services if you need house extensions or house refurbishment services.